01/06/226 Le Lai, May Chai Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam


MINH TRUYEN IMPORT EXPORT TRADING COMPANY LIMITED is one of the leading domestic and international logistics service providers in Vietnam.
With directors and staff with many years of experience in logistics and the support of a strong and reliable partner network in many countries and regions, we always offer a good solution. for the needs of customers transporting goods from Vietnam to the world as well as from the world to Vietnam.

Besides, we also develop trade and innovate constantly to become a leading supplier of raw materials for the production of animal feed in Vietnam. Minh Truyen always places the prestige of quality. Always determined that input materials play a very important role to produce products that meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the market as well as green, clean and sustainable factors for livestock and protection environment.

Because of the prestige and brand of Minh Truyen, we are committed to bringing the best, safest, most competitive products to customers.

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